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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Butterfly Flutters

These flutters were created with tender, loving care (aw!!)! If I will tell you its history, it is quite long. I'd make it short. It is made of several layers of recycled papers... glossies, bond, etc. Each wing (and I mean one pair against the other) is unique you'll never find two alike, promise! Each has an interesting hue, colors, design... You can stick 'em into any thing (surface - paper, plastic, concrete, metal, except liquids, no, just liquid containers!) at all because it has an inch strip of adhesive. And the adhesive won't come off easily because the base paper is of light board(recycled, of course). What you can do with them:
  • buy from me (because so far, all over the world and the net, it is only I who makes 'em)!!! (50 pcs is just P200 bucks-includes Metro & provincial post/ $9 overseas-includes international shipping).
  • add color to any corner
  • placecard marker
  • party place enhancers
  • embellish a scrapbook
  • embellish a greeting card
  • embellish a letter envelope (or stationery)
  • embellish a gift box / bag
  • stick on your face when feeling low, or happy
  • brighten your baby's or child's room, crib, furniture
  • stick on plant stem or branch (even if it's plastic-ouch!)
  • create a garland
  • create mobiles
  • stick on your regular empty wine bottle, or flower vase
  • stick on anything bland to keep it from being bland.

If you're done reading and convinced, convo me... Or click the order button! Have fun sticking butterflies! It's good for the earth!

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