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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Eco Design is an e-commerce blog to showcase environmental, recycled, upcycled, re-purposed, arts, crafts, and designs based or originating from the Philippines. The purpose is not only to promote environment consciousness and vigilance but also to inspire ecological sound arts & crafts. We encourage readers to share their comments, opinions, and skills.

A Bit of History
Environmentalism is not new in the Philippines. Our ancestors, prior to the introduction of commercial and MNC products were practical folks who recycled and used natural products. Homes are built with cool kamagong (and other hard woods), bamboo, cogon, nipa and other natural structures, use coconut kitchen utensils, bamboo furniture, and farmed using organic wastes. Hand-woven clothes and fabrics were re-purposed or recycled to create useful everyday items such as hankies, ponda, doormats.

Today, the Philippines continue to be as progressive in the global palette as entrepreneurs both starting and veterans provide international consumers with relevant eco-friendly products. Through this blog, I hope to share more for consumers and eco-vigilantes alike.

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