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Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Make a Gift Bag

Here is an illustrated step-by-step guide to recycling glossy magazine pages into gift bags.

Materials needed:

  • at least 2 pages of regular sized-magazines (such as Vogue, Glamour or Sports Illustrated) or a folded page of Hello.

  • a bright-colored scrap paper that is about 7 inches horizontal and 2 inches height.

  • found or scrap ribbons (fabric, plastic or organza) or silk flowers about 12" long

  • 2 pieces silk ribbon or paper twine about 12 inches long
  • scrap packaging board paper
  • glue
  • cutter or scissors
  • cutting board
  • ruler
  • regular puncher.
  1. Glue together the opposing edges of the magazine page. If you are using 2 pages, glue together one edge of each page. Then, glue the opposing edge page about 2 cm.

2. Straighten out by pressing on each end of the glued papers.

3. Fold about 1.5 inched on the open bottom part of the glued papers. Fold the opposite open top part at around 1 inch.

4. Cut a 2 cm diagonal strip closing in on zero as you approach the folded corner line.

5. Cut 2 strips of 1 inch wide packaging board papers about 4-5 inches long.

6. Squeeze glue on one side of the 2 strips of packaging board. Insert one strip at a time inside the folded top page with the glued side on facing the outer fold of the magazine to serve as reinforcement for handle.

7. Fold inwards the bottom folds with the cut corners to form a box.

8. Measure the diameter of the bottom part of the formed box-shape. Cut the measured size on the scrap packaging board paper for the bottom reinforcement. Squeeze glue one side and insert with glue side facing downward inside and fit bottom to reinforce the gift bag.

9. Place the bright-colored scrap paper accross the middle of the gift bag and cut the extra length to fit crosswise. Fold in two and puch about 2 cm apart starting from the fold to create 2 holes. Fit the ribbon between the holes and tie. Glue in place.

10. Punch top side of the opening with 2 holes each side. Insert and tie paper twine to serve as handle. Place a gift tag if preferred.

And you just created a gift bag. The color choices here are lousy (picked in haste and availability), so, I hope you have a better judgment. Otherwise, you may also order here for embellished gift bags with tags. Only P150 per 7 pieces, inclusive of delivery within Metro Manila. That around $4/7 pieces. For international order, add $5 for shipping for a total of $9. We accept Paypal. Just fill-up order form.

And here is what you'll get:

Wine bags (set of 4 is $9 includes international shipping) is P150 inclusive of Metro Manila delivery (please allow 3-4 days).

Gift Bags (set of 7 is $9 includes international shipping) is P150 inclusive of Metro Manila delivery (please allow 3-4 days).

More details and photos here.

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