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Saturday, May 26, 2012

What to do with tires

I have seen a very chic re-use for tires but requires painting, industrial cutters, and a lot of strength. But anyway, I have started compiling my recycling activities and hopefully come up with the book soon. I had several tires recycling projects and two are shown above. Of course, the swing one is quite common, but in case, it is a reminder. Instead of piling 'em up or having them clutter and rot for ages elsewhere, better make them useful for some kids who cannot afford to live in a community with playgrounds. Playground, of course, is a luxury for many in the 3rd world countries.
Aside from being luxury, playgrounds are also dangerous because of their use of metals and corners that hit kids or where kids bump, get wounded, hurt, and all kinds of bloody accidents. I have witnessed firsthand a lot of them, so, I am not using statistics. These built environment designers are only after profit, so they use metal and won;t want to crank their brains to become child-friendly and sustainable. Duh.
Then, the other project is what I call a tree-climb. It's like a wall-climbing thingie, but since I had them propped up in the branches of a tree, so, I am calling it a tree-climb.
I'd post others soon.
I mean, I am back in circulation...

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