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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Waiting for the rain (Philippine Sustainability)

The temperature's 31 degrees centigrade at 63% humidity... It's unbearably hot. I've started gathering seedlings and planting in containers - this time I have tamarind (Tamarindus indica or salamagi) Adonidia merrillii (bua china), Fabaceae peas (kamantiris / camachile), calamansi, and neem tree.
I am hopefully waiting for the rain as free ground water is becoming scarce from our handpump faucet.

And decided to start blogging about Sustainability.

What is sustainability in the Philippines?

I've checked online, and what we have is the Philippine Agenda 21 summarizing or echoing the UN action plan on sustainable development. I've checked again, and we also have the Philippine Sustainable Development Status, providing a summary below:
We can all feel the heat going up, and eco-rants are everywhere. (Indication: If US media has it, Philippine has it). How I wish we plant and sustain trees instead of the many noise and hypes perpetrated through media. Yes, greenwashing is criminal. It's killing biodiversity, and soon, mankind. Unless we actually do something about global warming (oh how everybody speaks of it, like they mean it).

What can you actually do to arrest or delay the problem called environmental destruction?
  • plant trees and make sure they live
  • walk or bike instead of riding a fuel-powered vehicle
  • consume local products, use local services
  • reduce, reuse, recycle
  • turn-off and unplug sockets of unused electric equipment
  • go solar (o reliable photovoltaic panels, when can I afford you?)
  • share all your excess (yes, including money... this last one is a 75% guarantee of less burglar or robbery attack of your home / business enterprise. No Pulse Asia study about this has been undertaken, but based on 108-years study of a hermit - me - experience in other words).  
I will post more as I learn more. Keep cool. One last...

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